Warehouses are often one of the most expensive elements of the supply chain but can equally be left alone for many years with the legacy layout remaining largely unchanged. A review of your warehouses layout and storage media will often lead to improved storage capacity and better productivity.

The Importance of Warehousing and Distribution

In order for a business to operate effectively, its warehouse needs to be well-run, smart, and efficient. Badly designed warehouses have the potential to cause problems and slowdowns that have a negative ripple effect across the entire supply chain.

Our warehouse consultants (also sometimes referred to as a supply chain consultant) can offer considerable value across the lifetime of a warehouse’s operation. Having worked across numerous industries and levels of scale, they bring a wide and varied experience to supply chain projects.

Our consultants have seen what works, what doesn’t, and what best practices could be transferred into your business. They this experience to assist with efficient fulfilment of customer orders, reducing time and cost where possible.

Not only that, but with experience stretching across all disciplines, our consultants will carefully consider all supply chain elements; ensuring that none would be adversely affected by any changes.

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Bertle Fisher can assist by helping you design a fulfilment model that will then scale with your business needs.

Our experienced team are ready to help you and your business reach its full potential. Whether you’re looking at building on your in-house processes or needs some support to seamlessly move your fulfilment from an existing provider we are here to help.

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