Unprecedented challenges in the transportation and logistics industry demand radical reinvention. Bertle Fisher empowers clients across all sectors to undertake bold moves in embracing digital innovation, restructuring, and serving customers. Defending against such industrywide transformation can seem impossible. By contrast, embracing transformation—and outpacing it with a companywide transformation of your own—opens up possibilities.

Transportation and logistics companies face existential threats from across the competitive landscape. Digital newcomers are redefining how to manage logistics operations and service customers. Longtime collaborators are expanding into adjacent spaces up and down the value chain. Even some customers, such as e-tailers, are morphing into competitors.

Where Bertle Fisher Delivers Value Across the Transportation and Logistics Industry
Bertle Fisher’s transportation and logistics consulting team achieves transformations across the post and parcel, rail, shipping, and logistics industries. Our approach positions companies for success in the face of current challenges. It also prepares them to ride impending waves of change, such as shifting trends in global trade and consumer and regulatory demands for improvements in sustainability.

We collaborate with our all transportation and logistics clients, so they can:

  • Shape strategy in the pursuit of growth. We help you tailor your operating model and organisation to the current realities of the market—and to anticipate the changes you’ll need for the future.
  • Invest continuously in tech, analytics, and capabilities. We help you digitise your business on your own—or partner with disruptive players upending logistics operations and the transportation market.
  • Embrace greener supply chains and technologies. Bertle Fisher helps navigate new regulations and their implications, such as the shipping fuel regulations in light of IMO 2020. We also move beyond compliance, helping to meet customers’ rising demand for environmentally sustainable services.
  • Deliver service excellence. With Bertle Fisher’s guidance, you can deploy a multichannel strategy to develop and deliver an end-to-end customer journey.
  • Understand and adapt to market dynamics. Bertle Fisher helps you respond to current trends in trade, tariffs, and protectionism—and anticipate new and emerging shifts.

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Bertle Fisher can assist by helping you design a fulfilment model that will then scale with your business needs.

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